Bali Blue

The island of Gods has its Demons

Washed up criminal lawyer Daniel Foxx is searching for harmony on the island of the Gods…trouble is inner peace comes at a price.

Amidst exotic tropical beaches, mystical mountains, throbbing noise and a dynamic culture, ex criminal lawyer, Daniel Foxx has escaped to the island of the Gods only to discover that even in paradise, demons lurk.

Bali Blue is an international collaboration between Australia, Germany and Indonesia, a multi-national crime drama that celebrates a dynamic culture struggling to maintain its integrity against the incredible onslaught of tourism and pervasive technology.

Bali Blue is a story for our time where diversity is an integral part of the narrative.

Creative direction comes from Germany, production expertise from Australia and Indonesia’s island of Bali and its people offer an exciting visceral, visual and cultural element that is new to the genre.

FORMAT 8 x 60mins TV Series
GENRE Adventure crime thriller
STATUS In Development