Arun Ketsirat
Producer - Director - DoP

Many people have limited freedom to express their ‘voice’. Through film, Arun provides the ‘voice’ for those who go unheard.

Born and raised in a remote rural village in North-East Thailand, Arun understands the physical and emotional challenges of working in developing countries. Arriving in Australia at 16, her English was limited and her first challenge was to improve her ability to communicate. She learnt to express herself through the visual medium when she believed her words were not adequate.

Through effort and determination she was awarded the Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship to study and complete a Bachelor of Fine Art (2010) and achieve 1st class Honours in Film and Screen Media Production at Queensland College of Art (2012).

Arun has since sharpened her skills in film production projects from concept to completion from winning commissions to produce, direct, shoot and edit documentary films, commercial advertisements, educational videos and live events in the islands of Indonesia, Japan, the south of France and throughout Australia.

Joseph Taylor
Actor - Writer - Producer

Joseph spent over 16 years in Indonesia as a Marine Biologist working on pearl farms across the archipelago from Bali to West Papua.

Refusing to give up on make believe, Joseph and his Balinese princess wife sailed in a literal sea change from their Indonesian home to Australia. The boat is now home and base of operations for his acting and filmmaking career.

Joseph has performed a range of professional roles in film (Harmony, OtherLife, One Less God), TV (House of Bond, Deadly Women, Slide, The Code, Mabo), web series, theatre and as a guest on German, Australian and Indonesian television.

Joseph was unit producer for the live video recording of Tina Arena’s “Reset Tour” in Australia and has also produced and directed several privately funded short documentaries and acted as a contributor and consultant for the feature documentary Power of Pearl.