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Support Diversity in Participants

  • Learning (WIL) students from GFS & QUT who are passionate about building long-term careers.

  • Encourage marginalised individuals & Regional QLD residents who have a passion for storytelling but not the access to formal education and training to apply to our program.

  • We are identifying Australian filmmakers with SEA cultural heritage and individuals in Bali to enhance our story vision.

Targeted & Direct Learning Experience

  • Roles are directly related to individuals short and long-terms goals

  • Candidates have opportunities to work across all aspects of our company from development to post-production

  • Not a vicarious learning experience (we’re not looking for unpaid runners!)

Advance Pathway Experience

  • Structured programs with dedicated communication, instruction and mentorship

  • Scheduled, formal Performance Review

  • Retain suitable candidates & recruit them to salaried roles at STP

  • Refer quality candidates to other productions/ companies/ industry positions

Build QLD's Tribe of Storytellers

  • Training and Professional Development is part of our business DNA.

  • We are building a creative community through an intergenerational exchange of professional and personal skills and experience. 

  • Building a supporting filmmaker culture and workplace environment

Cross-Cultural Learning Experience

  • Sponsor overseas placements currently in Bali, Indonesia and may extend to Thailand in the future

  • Working across projects with cultural diversity

Project Incubation

  • Mentor individuals to develop their own project(s) that could become part of the STP slate

  • We help launch the career of the next ‘Baz Luhrmann’ and they don’t forget us!

Win-Win Benefit

  • We help identify talent and develop talent. Our programs introduce talent to Screen QLD.

  • Talented next-generation filmmakers assist our growth & keep us aware of changing markets (“what are the kids watching?).

  • Not only does SQ funds support STP but through our Industry Incubation commitment, it is helping develop the next generation of visual storytellers/filmmakers.


Nicolas Kraak

Griffith Film School Graduate

“Working with Seeding Time Pictures was an instrumental part of my career, and as I am now supervising a team of my own, I find myself looking back to my time at Seeding Time Pictures to understand how best to mentor people.”


Jarrod Allison

Griffith Film School Graduate

“I was extremely fortunate to be given a fantastic opportunity to assist on a production that Arun was directing. This was the first shooting day for our documentary “My Place” and I knew from that day that pursing a career in filmmaking would be my dream.”


Maxine Shewan

Griffith Film School Graduate

“I have been living internationally in Vancouver, Canada for 3 years now and am currently working full time as a Video Editor for Pink Buffalo Films. My beginnings with Seeding Time Pictures have helped shape the work I do, everyday.”


Brian Stanton

Griffith Film School Graduate

“I could never have imagined what life would offer after some crazy experiences with Arun, and Seeding Time Pictures. The type of experiences you would like to brag about, but also ones that really showed you what it takes to make it, and really opened my eyes to what I was able to do, and what is out there for me.”


Cam Brennan

Griffith Film School Graduate

“Working with Arun and Kym gave me much appreciation for time management and helped me develop project management skills that I've built on and finessed since.”


Sara Goddard

Griffith Film School Graduate

“I’ve had a part in producing with STP; no two short films have been similar, and this is a testament to the creativity and talent of the STP team. I’ve worked with Arun Ketsirat and Joseph Taylor and been impressed by their commitment to creating quality films while maintaining a safe, happy working environment. They are passionate about creating films with social impact, such as stories with multiple lead female characters (in Promoter in Paradise), or ones that break the societal taboos (The Boob Issues).”


Antony Kondoleon

Griffith Film School Graduate

“Going to Bali and filming the Behind the Scenes of Luchsinger and the Gods film was an experience which definitely will follow me all of my life. Ancient culture and history, exotic temples, vibrant colours, friendly hospitality and warm smiles are things I’ll never forget. It was a great opportunity and very beneficial as I gained more industry experience and knowledge, and teamed up with other like-minded aspiring and interesting people. Filming the BTS under the directions of Arun Ketsirat was an opportunity for me to learn not only on how to use the camera gear, video movements, prepare and set the camera and lights for an interview but also helped me to communicate better, be more organised and become present and alert.”


May Ringdahl

Griffith Film School Graduate

“My first collaboration worked on site with Arun, and the next one remotely with Joseph in another country - something that I've continued to do with other partners, but was able to be introduced to the system with wiggle room at STP. They listened to my opinions when unsure about things, which really made me feel heard and part of the team.”


Seth Lebrese

Griffith Film School Graduate

"Working at Seeding Time Pictures was an opportunity I'll never forget. The time I spent there was filled with innovative storytelling, deep practical learning and shared ambition among all the creators involved! I felt truly a part of the team where I was able to provide creative contribution and work off of peers and mentors that pushed my learning as well as showed me great friendship. I would have already been hooked on the sheer dedication and passion this team shows on any project, but they go the extra mile and pursue very real and very important stories that aim to make a difference."


Sophie Blackshaw

QUT Graduate

"Given the nature of the film and television industry, contributing to a project’s progress doesn’t strictly depend on technical understanding; rather, there is a need to be confident and articulate in your decisions as an artist. That means trusting your instinct and having an opinion. This is what Arun and Kym, my leaders and mentors as STP have taught me through both example and explanation. That they actively solicit, consider and appreciate the feedback and contributions to their main projects is what keeps me learning and motivated. In my opinion, this is extremely important to the continued expansion of not just STP, but the film industry in Queensland."


Joseph Morrison

Griffith Film School Graduate

"Interning at Seeding Time Pictures has been an incredible and rewarding experience. I have accomplished and developed skills that have improved my area of speciality. The team at STP are very welcoming and helpful at all levels. They make you feel right at home. I started working on small projects undertaking sound design. This kept evolving as I went further along with my work and little jobs turned into full-time post-production work. The mentors at STP made sure you were always pushed to the limits and could work against the clock. This made it quite the challenge, but it was worth it as the outcome of the product was up to high quality standards."



Industry Incubator Program


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