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Our Goals

Build QLD'S Tribe of Storytellers

  • Training and Professional Development is part of our business DNA.

  • We are building a creative community through an intergenerational exchange of professional and personal skills and experience. 

  • Building a supporting filmmaker culture and workplace environment

Targeted & Direct Learning Experience

  • Roles are directly related to individuals short and long-terms goals

  • Candidates have opportunities to work across all aspects of our company from development to post-production

  • Not a vicarious learning experience (we’re not looking for unpaid runners!)

Cross-Cultural Learning Experience

  • Sponsor overseas placements currently in Bali, Indonesia and may extend to Thailand in the future

  • Working across projects with cultural diversity

Support Diversity in Participants

  • Learning (WIL) students from GFS & QUT who are passionate about building long-term careers.

  • Encourage marginalised individuals & Regional QLD residents who have a passion for storytelling but not the access to formal education and training to apply to our program.

  • We are identifying Australian filmmakers with SEA cultural heritage and individuals in Bali to enhance our story vision.

Advance Pathway Experience

  • Structured programs with dedicated communication, instruction and mentorship

  • Scheduled, formal Performance Review

  • Retain suitable candidates & recruit them to salaried roles at STP

  • Refer quality candidates to other productions/ companies/ industry positions

Project Incubation

  • Mentor individuals to develop their own project(s) that could become part of the STP slate

  • We help launch the career of the next ‘Baz Luhrmann’ and they don’t forget us!

Win-Win Benefit

  • We help identify talent and develop talent. Our programs introduce talent to Screen QLD.

  • Talented next-generation filmmakers assist our growth & keep us aware of changing markets (“what are the kids watching?).

  • Not only does SQ funds support STP but through our Industry Incubation commitment, it is helping develop the next generation of visual storytellers/filmmakers.