“A journey of discovery for every cup size”

Style: First-person
Genre: Gender, Human Interest, Youth, Culture, Social Issue

Format: 56' x 8 Episodes, Documentary

Status: Research & Development


Love, Sex & Chicken Fillets

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The combined power of our patriarchal hangover, capitalism and contemporary media has unleashed a tsunami of digital messaging and imagery projecting unattainable physical perfection. Women are encouraged from a young age that the most effective way to influence men is to exert their "sexual power" over them. Body shaming is a prevalent form of online bullying, and breasts remain a societal measure of femininity. 


This eight-part series will critically engage with society’s focus on body image and support more nuanced thinking on how cross-cultural experiences and insecurities can inform our sense of physical self. 


Filled with touchy-feely humanity and boundless good humour, this series charts a boob odyssey from puberty to old age, touching on topics from sexual awakening (oh, those early fumbles in the dark!) through to breast augmentation, the trauma of mastectomy and transgender issues.