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2017 Film Mentoring Kid's Workshop

5' Short





Film Password: CFG2018

“Cool Fashion Girls” is a short film about a little girl, Lucy, who dreams of going to Paris in her Summer holidays but with bad news from theDoctor she cannot travel. Her best friends decide if Lucy can't go to Paris they will bring Paris to her and make her dream come true.

Seeding Time Pictures enables and creates women’s participation in the film industry. This project was an exciting collaboration that extends this to young people. The compelling script was written by an incredible 9 year old, Charlotte Stent. The initiative began as a mentoring workshop for talented child actors who were assigned to shadow professional filmmakers when awaiting their scenes in the film. They got first-hand experience as director, sound recordist, production designer, assistant director and assistant camera as well as behind the scene creator. This gave a unique experience for being in front of the camera and being part of the crew. Everyone enthusiastically embraced the ‘pay it forward’ motto and volunteered their time. Together, we wanted to build technical skills and personal confident while sharing our stories as women and have a good time in the process.
“Cool Fashion Girls” project is about filmmaking, fashion and fun but underlying these are messages about deeper issues in life.

Behind the Scene:

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