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Seeding Time Pictures, are dynamic, visual storytellers creating a cross-cultural content bridge across Australasia. We celebrate diverse and authentic voices to communicate social impact factual and narrative stories to global audiences. We are based in Brisbane and Bali, and travel whenever the story takes us.

Seeding Time Pictures (STP) was born in Queensland. We are committed to bringing benefit to the state regardless of where our projects may lead. We have ensured key creatives have followed our story path from Queensland to locations in Indonesia and beyond, with completion always coming home to Brisbane. Reserving key roles for Queensland filmmakers is a central tenet to our growing international collaboration. Engagement in our industry incubation, mentoring and training program is a pledge for any collaborator joining an STP project. Augmenting our core Queensland partners and team are experienced professionals from Switzerland, Spain, Finland, Malaysia and South America. These individuals are buying into our passion and vision with a ready willingness to impart knowledge and expertise with Queenslanders.


Arun Ketsirat

Joseph J.U. Taylor

Founder | Company Director

Founder | Company Director

Born and raised in a remote rural village in North-East Thailand, Arun arrived in Australia at 16 with limited English, she found her voice through visual medium.


Her social impact documentary The Boob Issue won the Asia Pacific Screen Award Brisbane Short Film Fund (2018) and is currently in post-production for its feature-length version. PTSD Love Stories (2022) feature documentary won Screen Queensland Completion Fund, and its half-hour version was released on ABC Compass in 2021. She also worked in the Assistant Directing team on Ron Howard’s Thirteen Lives (2022). She recently completed Epilogue, an observational documentary about life and death, which premiered at Brisbane International Film Festival (2022).

Arun's PhD research focuses on first-person documentary, hybrid identities and body image dissatisfaction in Asian-Australian women.

Joseph's life could be an adventure movie. Born in New Zealand, he spent over twenty-five years as a Marine Biologist in some of Indonesia's most amazing and remote islands, learning the cultures and language before marrying a warrior princess in Bali.


In 2010 he retrained as an actor, director and writer with only one thing on his mind: to tell stories that matter. Joseph is one of only a handful of registered foreign Film Directors in Indonesia and directed, wrote, and produced the television pilot Soulbeats (2021).


His latest feature script Kundala was awarded development funding by New Zealand Film Commission. In 2021, Joseph wrote, directed and co-produced two television specials for Discover Networks and is currently working on an exciting feature film on the life of a female Indonesian stunt performer.

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Javier Guevara loves to know how things work, a passion that saw him graduate from technical high school. At college, he decided to develop his artistic profile with a master of Architecture and then went on to specialise in Film Direction, Colour grading and Cinematography.


Javier has 12 years of professional experience in the film industry across narrative, documentary and advertising projects. His work has been screened at major international film festivals, including Cannes, Guadalajara, New York, Festival des Films du Monde in Montreal, Havana, Bafici and Huelva, and Australian TV. Javi is a lead instructor for The International Colorist Association.

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Company Director

Javier Guevara

Julian Grimmond

Consultant Producer

Julian has produced and directed for clients including ABC (US), NBC-Universal, CBS, FOX, Discovery, National Geographic and A+E. He is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America (PGA), winner of three Prime-Time Emmy® Awards, was nominated for Television Producer of the Year by the PGA and was the former chairman of Film New Zealand and a director of Auckland Film Studio.

He works as a film consultant in some of the most diverse and challenging locations on earth. Julian’s Executive Producer credits include the Rugby World Cup, broadcast live to a global audience of 75m, and the feature film “Lowdown Dirty Criminals”, directed by Paul Murphy, starring Rebecca Gibney.

Julian is producing the upcoming mini-series, Mata Hari, with writer/director Roland Joffe (The Killing Fields, The Mission, The Forgiven).

Orlando Bassi


Orlando Bassi has a long artistic career in film and television as a makeup and hair specialist, art designer and director/producer. He established an internationally renowned makeup and wig manufacturing centre in Bali supplying major international stage, screen and TV shows including Les Misérables, Cats, Hercules and Game of Thrones. Orlando built Movie Studio Bali – a state of the art film production studio equipped with an incredible array of equipment, editing suites, a sound booth, stages and cinema: a huge boon for production partners in Bali. Movie Studio Bali also boasts an onsite team of expert set designers, costume makers, makeup and hair artists.

Peter Ladkani


Peter Ladkani is a Hungarian born filmmaker based in Munich, Germany with 20 years of experience as a director in high profile series, TV movies and Films. Peter directed the international crime series Cape Town (2016) set in South Africa based on the best selling novel Dead Before Dying from Deon Meyer.  Peter is a prolific director of the crime genre, directing episodes of the successful German primetime series Letzte Spur Berlin (Last Trace Berlin, 2017) for the German TV Channel ZDF,  Bad Cop (2017), Der Amsterdam Krimi (2018) and Mordkomission Istanbul: Thailand (2018).

Vorakorn Ruetaivanichkul

Director | Producer

As co-founder and former CEO of HELLO FILMMAKER, a Bangkok-based production studio, Vorakorn’s experience ranges across script development, film production, post-production, film business, and higher education.

His debut film, Mother, received a nomination for Best International Documentary Film from Torino Film Festival, Italy. Vorakorn also supervised the colour-correction process for three highly accoladed international films Anucha Boonyawatana’s The Blue Hour and Malila: The Farewell Flower, and Trinh Dinh Le Minh’s Goodbye Mother.

Vorakorn recently co-produced Thirteen Lives (2022), a Ron Howard’s film about the heroic 2018 cave rescue mission in Thailand.

Judy Yeh


Judy is an experienced film editor, post-production specialist with over 10 years of successful projects demonstrated in the arts, documentary, television, film and media industry.

Her works include: Flyways: The Story of Migratory Shorebirds (2023), a feature documentary released in cinemas and television worldwide in France with Arte, USA with HHMI, Australia with ABC and Taiwan with PTS; Lili (2019), a feature documentary nominated and premiered at the Sydney International Film Festival, and won the Best documentary for the Hungarian Film Critics Award; Lost Contact (2022), a short documentary which won Best documentary at St Kilda Film Festival, and official selection in the Flickerfest; Good Times and That’s Okay (2022) a short drama that has embraced the festival circuit with many prestigious awards.

Bianca Evans

Impact Producer

Armed with a BA Business/Marketing, Bianca's professional experience spans corporate, government, start-up, private/franchise & non-profit sectors. She is trained in coaching & service design; something that has allowed her to contribute to the improvement of lives for vulnerable & marginalised people (indigenous youth at risk, people with disabilities, individuals with mental health diagnosis, and the elderly).

Bianca discovered the magic of storytelling when she embarked on a journey that landed her in the ochre-stained remote desert of the Northern Territory where she accompanied indigenous elders on adventures to sacred sites, immersing herself in ancient stories of dreamtime under the stars.

In her role as Impact Producer for Seeding Time Pictures, Bianca combines her reverence for the transformative power of shared narrative, with her longing to create a world where people feel deeply moved, and called to facilitate lasting social change.

Maury Marcano

Creative Developer

Maury Marcano is a driven, passionate, creative producer. She has designed pitches and documents for leading global brands and production houses, working on dozens of narrative features, documentaries and commercials as a director, writer and producer. Her documentary, The Way That We Came (2014), was widely praised and screened at international film festivals including the Festival du Film du Monde in Montreal, Latin American Film Festival of Havana, Guadalajara International Festival, Venezuelan Film Festival in New York and more than twenty other international events.

Desak Sri

Co-Producer | Make-Up Artist​

Desak Sri grew up in a small village in the central mountains of Bali, a place of magic and stories where art and culture are the lifeblood of the community. Her artistic heritage shines through her work on international film and television. Desak Sri is also a proud Ksatrian (warrior) and the daughter of a Balian (traditional healer). Her rare combination of culture, experience, and lineage makes Desak Sri a formidable force on any film set.

Francis Thompson


Francis Thompson has worked in the camera and VFX departments on international feature films and shooting ob-doc on the streets of Mumbai. He can work competently solo or with crews big and small. Francis brings together a high level of technical and creative sophistication utilising the latest camera systems, and cinematic lighting techniques to create powerful, engaging stories. He has a bachelor’s degree in Film and Screen Media from Griffith University. His most recent work includes the ABC documentary Big Weather (and how to survive it), a three-part series featuring presenter Craig Reucassel.

Bryce Hara-Crockford


Bryce Hara-Crockford is a writer who derives much of his creative perspective from a culturally-mixed childhood in Far North Queensland, a place where nature still flaunts its presence in the face of modern life. This modest yet abundant upbringing consistently works its way into Bryce’s stories and themes, which he has had the honour of showcasing in Australia and abroad. Since graduating with a degree in Film and Screen Media Production in 2018, he has worked in a number of collaborative roles at Seeding Time Pictures. He is currently developing the TV series dramedy Somtum, as well as a number of feature-length projects, including To-And-Fro and Stranded.


Nusa Film

Nusa films are cross-cultural storytellers based in Bali, Indonesia, who offer a global content bridge. Their vision is to tell stories that matter through visual entertainment, and mission to promote greater understanding and empathy through storytelling.

Their slate of stories covers fictional television series, feature films, and documentaries.


Led by an Emmy Award-winning producer and with firm roots in TV and film production, GFS has first-hand experience of the realistic requirements, issues and opportunities facing their clients throughout the entire process of screen production.

They help screen producers manage their production risks and services so they can focus on achieving the outcome their creative deserves.


Movie Studio Bali

Movie Studio Bali offers complete pre-production and production services, whether it be short film , commercial or a major blockbuster.


Island is a bespoke media studio specialising in storytelling. They are based in Bali, creating brand engagement around the globe.

Jungle Run Productions

Jungle Run Production is a Bali based company dedicated to producing and facilitating production


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