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A Thai immigrant to Australia discovers she has terminal cancer and then embarks on raising money to build a new ordination hall for her local temple, despite the fact she may not live to see it completed.


1965, a Beatles mad, teenage Mahout from Ceylon is forced to sell and deliver his life-long elephant companion to a New Zealand zoo, to keep a roof over his mother’s head; a journey across the ocean and a four hundred mile trek on foot through the land of the long white cloud.


 A story of hope and an exploration of identity, love and relationships of the caregivers for emergency service workers who suffer from PTSD.

Who cares for the Carers?

An exciting, female-driven comedy TV pilot shot entirely in beautiful Bali.

A Thai-Australian woman feels defined by her small breasts.

But is her boob problem in her bra or in her brain?

She journeys across the world to find out...

Two kids chase after treasure under the shadow of a huge blighted mound of garbage, but they aren't the only ones wanting the prize.

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